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  1. Dear Jeffrey, I have seen your Name in a footnote (page 9) of Philip Lutgendorfs wonderful book about Hanuman. I am translating Valmikis Ramayana into German and doing a lot of Research about Rama and Hanuman too.. If you are the “right” Jeffrey Brackett I would be grateful if we could get in touch. I welcome all Information about the ramalila and photos of temples, images, theater plays, Festivals etc.Thanks in advance. jaya Sri Rama. Dirk

    • Hi Dirk,
      Yes, I’m the one mentioned by Philip Lutgendorf. Glad that I took the time to sift through these comments, which are usually spam. I didn’t do any work on Ramalila–my work focused on Hanuman-Maruti in “everyday life” in Maharashtra. I am, however, beginning a new project on Ramayana representations in modern comics and graphic novels.

    • Hi Dirk. Great to see that you are so interested in Ramayana and Indian culture. I am really happy. I am from Pune India and would love to help you in that. My mail id is kiranppatil at gmail dot com. Let me know.

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