Marathi Translations

I’ve been tweeting D. B. Mokashi’s Ananda Owari in Marathi and English.

Here’s a slightly longer explanation of this project:

I studied Marathi while living for more than three consecutive years in the city of Pune, my “home base” for ethnographic fieldwork on the popular deity, Hanuman, in Maharashtra.

While learning Marathi, I read a wide range of styles and genres. The longest piece I read by a single author was Ananda Owari, by D. B. Mokashi. I’ve since read it a few more times, and have returned to a rough translation I began years ago.

In order to make this translation process feel fresh, I decided to slow down. I mean, really slow down… as in, translate at the pace of Tweets. So, I have tweeted the original Marathi, followed by my “new” English translation. I have completed this portion of the project, and have now begun the editing and revising processes.

The more carefully I reread the typed Marathi, the more mistakes I find. Part of the reason for the mistakes was simply that I was adjusting to typing the Marathi text, some letters of which look quite similar to tired eyes. I’ve found fewer typos as I’ve progressed through the editing, but it is still a tedious task.


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