St. Lawrence

St. Lawrence Catholic Church is one of the oldest continuously used churches in Muncie, IN. The parish is located within blocks of the downtown area, one of three Catholic churches in the city and offers daily mass services. Their stated mission is: “to serve God by serving the spiritual and educational needs of parishioners and by demonstrating faith through service, evangelization, and commitment to the laws and tenets of the Catholic Church.” In keeping with this, the church maintains several community services, including a soup kitchen and thrift store.

Mass is offered several times per week, often multiple times per day. Although St. Lawrence continued to observe the Latin mass for a short period recently, all masses are now held in English within the form prescribed by the Vatican II council.

The staff of the church is open and welcoming, and encourages questions. They even go as far as advertising an information session for those wishing to learn more about the church in the weekly bulletin. One of the deacons of St. Lawrence Church even lists his phone number in the bulletin for those who have questions about the church or becoming a Catholic.

St. Lawrence also operates an elementary and middle school in Muncie at a separate location. The church staff holds mass at the school on a weekly basis.

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