Domestic Worship

Here in Muncie there are no Hindu temples, so I have my gods in my apartment, I have their photos, some idols, one or two idols I have so after my bath I pray to god and I leave for my work or my classes. – Chitesh

Most of the students we interviewed stated that they performed some type of worship almost daily within their homes. Most students stated that they typically pray sometime during the day, typically after bathing. Many students had images of Hindu gods in their homes to whom they looked at during their daily prayers. Which idols they had in their home depended on a number of factors – whether they were particularly fond of that deity, if the deity had a special significance to them or if the idol was a gift from someone. Lord Ganesh, the elephant headed deity seemed to be a particularly popular god amongst the students. Sabrang explained that Ganesh was the god who was associated with higher education and new beginnings.

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