Spiritualism: Camp Chesterfield

Camp Chesterfield is a Spiritualist camp that was founded in the late nineteenth century. It is a “Spiritual Center of Light.” Since the beginning of the camp it has thrived on the idea of Spiritualism. The meaning of the word is given in descriptions of the camp, yet, it is elusive. The concept of Spiritualism, though mentioned several times in the Declaration of Principles, is not really closely examined. The definition that may be obtained on the site reads as such:

A Spiritualist is one who believes, as part of his or her religion, in communication between this and the spirit world

by means of mediumship, and who endeavors to mold his or her character and conduct in accordance with the highest

teachings derived from such communion.[i]

It is in this definition that allows for an individual to, in a sense, personalize their identity of being a Spiritualist.

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