The Ramayana

Posted: 18 August 2014 (Janmashtami, aka, Krishna’s “Birthday”)

Here is the syllabus: Ramayana (Fall 2014)

And this is the (brief) “Course Description”:

Course Description: This course examines the Ramayana in its complex interactions with religion and culture. Though it is an ancient epic, the Ramayana influences modern practices and debates regarding religion, politics, history, art, cinema, architecture, drama, music, literature, and dance, to name a few. Students will select from one (or more) of these areas for their respective projects, which they will share with their peers in class. In this way, students play important roles in shaping the contours of our classroom conversations. The content and workload are consistent with a 300-level course in Religious Studies, and no prior knowledge of ‘religion’ or Religious Studies is assumed in this course. I integrate into the course diverse learning activities, all of which aim to create a seminar-style classroom experience.

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